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Hey, my name is Joseph but you can call me Logan (a story for another time). I’m an aspiring app developer from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada that is always looking for ways to continually develop my skills. I love the challenge of finding tech solutions to every day problems.

When I was younger I always thought coding was cool….but complicated and beyond my ability. However after leaving high school (2010) I was hired by a web development company that taught me the basics. Once I realized I had the ability I never stopped learning. In fact, ever since then I have continually added to my skills. I’ve taken courses, read blogs, watch videos and more to learn just for fun.

Of course coding isn’t the only thing I enjoy. When I’m not sitting at my computer I’m enjoying the outdoors. During the summer it’s fishing or the beach. During the fall I’m out hunting with my dog. When it becomes winter I like to spend my time traveling, experiencing different cultures. Then there are the days I don’t feel like leaving the house, where I’ll enjoy a good movie or some video games with friends/family.

My Apps


Problem: I needed a way to visualize and effeciently route jobs out in the field.

Solution: Create an app that allows you to pin your jobs to visualize them on a map and plan routes accordingly.

Skills/Knowledge Used:
Core Data

*This app is still in development. Beta is available from TestFlight.

SE Lookup

Problem: I needed a way to easily get local addresses and phone numbers for an invitation campaign for a volunteer organization.

Solution: Create an app that gets local address info provided by the local government and gets contact info from Canada411.

Skills/Knowledge Used:
Core Data
Decode and Parse JSON
Parse HTML

SE Literature

Problem: I needed a way to keep track of ordering of publications for a volunteer organization.

Solution: Create an app thats keeps track of publication orders and is accessible for all those involved.

Skills/Knowledge Used:

*If you wish to try the app, download it from TestFlight not the App Store. The app requires a login and contains personal information. As such please use the TestFlight version as it contains fake data.

My Skills

Core Data
Apple's Human Interface Guidlines
Apple SDK's

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